Quick Lane Oil Change & More in Sidney, Ohio

Quick Lane Oil Change - Germain Ford of Sidney in Sidney Ohio

Sometimes your busy schedule or daily commitments can make it difficult to get your Ford vehicle the service or maintenance that it needs. Designed to streamline the way you have your vehicle serviced, our team at Germain Ford of Sidney is excited to introduce you to our Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center. With no appointment necessary, even on weekends and evenings, Quick Lane® offers a convenient solution for getting the service your vehicle needs. Our factory-trained technicians are proud to service all makes and models as well. Your vehicle will receive high-quality parts from top brands in the industry including a full selection of OEM-recommended tires. When you’re in a hurry and your vehicle is in need of service, drivers in Piqua, Bellefontaine, Troy, and the surrounding areas should look no further than the Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center at Germain Ford of Sidney.

Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center – Available Services

Oil Change Service

One of the most important ways to protect your engine against harmful wear and tear is to routinely have your engine oil and oil filter changed. Fortunately, Quick Lane® makes it simple and convenient to have your oil changed. We proudly carry a selection of the highest quality motor oils that have been formulated specifically for your vehicle along with Motorcraft® oil filters. Service guests can select from one of the options for their next oil change.

Oil & Filter Change

Your vehicle will receive premium-quality Motorcraft® Synthetic Blend Oil that’s been formulated to maximize performance and protection for your vehicle.

The Works Fuel Saver Package

Opt for this package to get an oil change and much more! The Works Fuel Saver Package includes a brake inspection, battery test, tire rotation, and a Vehicle Check-Up Report in addition to an oil and filter change.

Vehicle-Specific Scheduled Maintenance

For scheduled maintenance items like an engine coolant flush or spark plug replacement, our team can handle your vehicle’s specific needs in addition to an oil change with your next visit.

Ford Battery Service

Battery Service

Your battery is responsible for supplying the electrical power necessary to start the vehicle and power the electrical features including your headlights, radio, and air conditioning system. Gradually, your battery will weaken due to use, age, and other factors like extreme temperature changes. Before you find yourself stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery, let our team of Quick Lane® service experts perform a battery test. In the event that yours needs to be replaced, we carry a full lineup of OEM batteries manufactured specifically for your vehicle.

Ford Brake Service

Brake Service

Staying safe on the road starts with ensuring that your brakes are in good working condition. Your brake pads and rotors are responsible for bringing your vehicle safely to a stop. These components will wear out over time and require replacement. If you begin to experience reduced braking performance, experience vibrations, or hear unusual noises when applying your brakes – it’s time to visit the Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center for a brake inspection. You can trust our team of technicians to diagnose and correct any brake issues to help keep your vehicle ready to react to a dangerous situation.

Ford Quick Lane Tire Service

Tire Service & Replacement

As the part that separates you and your vehicle from the road surface, your tires are responsible for your safety, how your vehicle performs, and even your MPG. If you’re in need of new tires or simply need a tire rotation or a tire repair – Quick Lane® can do it all. Our technicians have the latest tire repair tools and installation equipment required to mount and balance your new set of tires. You’ll be able to browse tires from the top brands in the industry priced competitively to save you money!